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I judge the success of a website not on the number of hits, but the quantity and quality of the responses. This page will always show the most recent ones. The quips below are -- obviously -- just snippets of a few of the many, and sometimes lengthy, emails I receive and hopefully these bits reflect the whole.


Check out the weird and
wonderful Email Archives:
1999, Part 3
1999, Part 2
1999, Part 1
1998, Part 3
1998, Part 2
1998, Part 1


Like yourself, I realised that a lot of people have made oodles of dosh out of the bug. Good luck to them. What a great scam this has been. If all went tit's up, then the system operator didn't spend enough to fix the problem. If the system survived, then the fix-it men did a great job and the $650 Billion spent was justified. Brilliant.

The only thing I'm really wondering about in the new millenium (of course,
I have almost a full year before that happens) is this... Will Century21
change their name? I mean, once it actually IS the 21st Century, are they going to become Century22?

I'm glad you did the Y2K site. I felt your same sentiments about this whole nonsense and reality showed what a joke the whole thing was. Thanks for getting the word out.
Finally, someone who agrees with me, everyone stocked up on groceries... bought all the necessities of life and now they are stuck with 3 months of food... that means Iget all the great deals on food, because now the demand isn't so great... that means the prices will come down... thanksfor inventing the y2k hoax. :-)
I went to your y2k hoax site, and I enjoyed it, especially the responses... I hope you've found christ by now!!! Save your soul!!! Pretty funny stuff. It's amazing that people out there are that wacko...but who am I to judge? soul is in jeopardy just thinking about them.
I don't think it's a hoax, per se, but the media sure blew it up beyond all reason -- kinda like what they do every day....

Notes from before the apocalypse:
Sure does gall me to realize that with a little rational thinking, things can be normal again.The public has sure been suckered this time! Thanks for the enlightnment.
head for the hills, it's armegedon all over again! -momma kat and meldawg
As a programmer who has had to test and correct Y2K "bugs" and an avid stock investor, I know first hand the date rollover problem has been addressed. Yet, I do still hear reports on major news networks and books at the local book resellers hyping up catastrophic events. Simply put --- "THEY RE HOG WASH"!
I like the page, and could not agree more! Happy new year, and may the Y2K bug nibble you in the ear instead of bitting you in the rear!
The word sophistry connotes the "superiority" and "wisdom" felt by those
who fervently believe that their nascent and limited knowledge of a vast
subject nevertheless qualifies them to make sweeping judgments on the
"real" reasons behind events, particularly with respect to the motives
of others. Seasoned veterans of a subject have no difficulty identifying and dismissing shallow investigation or immature conclusions when encountered. The cost to the promulgators of sophistry is that the
next time they wish to be taken seriously, they must first overcome a
credibility issue.

hope you're right ... even a blind sow finds a truffle once in a
while. There are over 500 nuclear reactors in the world that all need power for cooling. Without cooling they melt down in less than 5 minutes. The backup of choice is a diesel generator. Diesel Generators are no better than 85% reliable. That leaves 15% of 500 to deal with: 75 nuclear reactors. Do you really want to deal with 75 concurrent meltdowns? Let's hear what song you're singing then... I wish they had given classes in blind optimism like they did at your school.
Well I'm not quite as sanguine as you, but by and large agree;
I don't think we'll see much. My general impression is that here and
there we'll have a hiccup. As an amateur historian I find it amusing
that, having quite falsely accused the good people living in the last
days of the 10c of a millennial panic, some of us have stirred up a
real one in our supposedly rational age. (I'm not fooled by modern
rationalism either: the greatest surge in witchcraft occurred in the
late Renaissance and since, and there are far more oddball beliefs
today than there were in the 13c.)
Thanks for the info. I never thought much would happen with Y2K anyway...
I will forward this website my brother who has been "milking" this scam to
the hilt as an independent job shop programmer.
It ruined my evening going to that web site. I was really mad. For most
people, reading that site would make them think that what I have been
doing is scamming companies out of money. The average person does not know enough about this whole situation to differentiate from work that
needed to be accomplished to scams that people have been doing to make money from the panic of uninformed individuals.
I agree with you that doomsayers have over-rated most of the potential problems. BUT, there are many programming concerns out there that needed tobe taken care of (and some still do). You are making it sound as thoughanyone working on any 'Y2K' issue is a thief. That is a rather view.
[You have] done a good job of nailing the Y2K issue. The real beneficiary of this pseudo-scare have been the software services people who have had at least three years of constant work.
I'm Roman and I'm thirteen years old. I especially hate when people are broadcasting events and they say its the last parade of the millenium or the last Superbowl of the millenium. Lately I've been thinking, every day people are getting smarter, but there just getting more stupid!
"At this point, I'm beginning to feel mildly ridiculous for having swallowed (and yes, perpetuated) the doomsaying of the previous 12 months. I can't help but feel somewhat embarrassed for myself and my Christian brothers and sisters who not only bought into but fanned the flames of what is looking more and more like a tremendous non-event, called Y2K. As I write this I hear TV anchor-people describing the rollover as 'Y2ok'."
"I deeply admire your faith in your belief and strength to advocate something totally opposite to what most people say. I believe that one has to have stronger faith in what one believes than before in this information-flooded time."
"The unfortunate part about it, is that many of the somewhat 'uninformed' folk are just acting on what they hear from 'reliable' sources. Right now, it seems that the loudest voices are the money chasers and marketing campaigns pushing for more sales. I think a good question right now is; Just who the hell is reliable in regards to this issue?"
"I read some of your other e-mails and i think that with your collection of e-mails indeed you should write a book...and make some profit off of the bug yourself!"
"I'm sorry I didn't get to see your site earlier, I was to busy laughing my guts sore over the doom sayers and the lot. I thought in this day and age of better education, communication and science that people the world over would know enough to realize 'Chicken Little' is a childrens story."
"I am 47 years old, and have lived through quite a few scares, from threat of nuclear war to the collapse of the world economy. The world just thrives on disaster after disaster."
"In another day or two, people are going to be pointing their fingers not just at the doomsayers and profiteers, but at everyone involved in actually solving the y2k problem as well. I'm going to be called a charlatan and a thief by the general public, because I've put in a lot of sleepless nights ensuring that 2000 will arrive with a yawn."
"You may want to create a list identifying what companies spent on Y2K (possibly as a percent of gross income). Then publish the names of those involved in the Y2K project in the company that spent the most and the company that spent the least. In this way those who spent the most will never find work again and those that spent the least may find new and more lucrative employment (which they deserve)."
"Those that should know better (I know of quite a few well educated and computer literate people) are reluctant to debunk the issue in the way that your site does. This scam has been allowed to continue and should have been stamped on by the majority of sane thinking people."
"My mother is ready for the disastor..she has a closet filled with food stuffs, she has chained her sliding door in with a huge chain rope, she even has a case of toliet paper (48 rolls)....she is ready...she even has five gallons of this non alcholol wipe that you can use to bathe yourself without water in case there is no water."
"I wish we in New Zealand weren't 'doomed' to be 'the First', but that's life. Normally we like winning. I also think this whole thing is going to appear a huge joke to people in the future, i.e., starting in a few days or weeks' time."
"I told many people of your site and how it had the info to dispell the MYTH! As a born-again Christian, I watched many of my brothers in Christ make fools of themselves with their posts."
"All of a sudden, I've noticed that many of the people most worried about Year 2000 "bug" have done a 180 in the past two weeks. Just in the nick of time to save credibility and/or face?"
"Your not a very intelligent Canadian.... Man you are lost, and definatley must be a Psychologist or a big time Skeptic that has an absolute disbelief in ANYTHING."
"I can't wait for all of those y2k gurus to be shipped off to mental hospitals for their insanity and paranoia and delusions. I know that when or if that ever happens. Then the media will cover it extensively. And then go into how much was or wasn't effected and then they will probably even admitt they were wrong to inflate the computer glitch into an 'issue' and tell the world."
"Never before in the history of IT has so much been spent by so many with so little to show! (Apologies to Winston Churchill)"
"The millenium and the Y2K bug don't even coincide. The new milenium (sp?) starts January 1, 2001. So if nothing catastrophic happens January first, the hystericals can just keep on stockpiling for another year. And you can keep the site going for another year, if you're not sick of it!"
"I hope in February, we all hunt these fear-mongers down and make them live in their imaginary 2000, in a tiny metal bunker and force them to actully put their worm-farming techniques to good use."
"If nothing Y2K related of major proportions happens in Russia, China, India or Brazil and I mean major (i.e. nuclear reactor meltdown) then i will E-mail you back and apologize and admit you were correct."
"After all, you have documented proof that you said the whole thing was overblown foolishness years ago.... It's going to be sooo entertaining to see the recriminations floating around in January over who inflated the Y2K non-crisis to such proportions and why. (And how much money did they waste?)"
"At a recent govt. run 'Y2K Infrastructure Seminar' one of the organisers said that Y2K had moved on from being a technical problem to a psychological problem. I would go further - in some cases it is pathological."
"I think I'll call your bluff----I bet you're thinking of buying some batteries and a flashlight (just in case) ... but your sense of humour is cool."
"What really scares me is that so many truly crazy people are going to be terribly disappointed when nothing happens at midnight on December 31. Won't they be really pissed off and try to start their own apocalypse? Are we actually in any kind of danger from the temper tantrums of the crazies? Does anyone know of info available about what could result from the let-down?"
"Have fun with your site, still take precautions from the mob not the computers, watch the Y2K sites, companies and consultants disappear on 1-1-00. They are the ones who are non-compliant."
"And 'Action 2000' the UK taxpayers' cash-waster is now putting round leaflets because so many people have taken to the hills holed up with 2000 (of course) tins of corned beef and stuff, or have closed their bank accounts and are stuffing their mattresses with banknotes...."
"Y2K has been solved already - billions have been spent fixing the problem and most computer systems are already processing Y2K dates - so how is the world going to end? Some people are just complete and utter wankers!!"
"I pose one question to all of those that have stocked up tons of food, water, and supplies. Are you willing to defend your supplies? Here's another thought: It's cheaper to feed a man than to shoot him."
"I love everything you have sent to me, I print it out and give it to my y2k loony in-laws, who by the way, cant wait for the world to crash."
"WE CAN'T WIN: If the world comes to an end, the Y2K'ers will say "I told you so!" If nothing happens, they'll say, "It's because we were so vigilant and worked so hard to solve the problem!" *sigh*"
"Y2K is an issue, not a hoax, and by your own admission it does indeed exist... I'm not a hypster, Y2K consultant, or the like.... Time will tell, my friend. Pray your view is wise.
"I think you should write a book about this have a fine collection of email.. I mean it would be great for future generations to look back on this and have a chuckle."
"As a marketing student myself, i know that this is just another money-making strategy of those corporate computer giants ready to devour the poor, defenseless consumers who haven't the slightest idea what they are being paranoid about."
"A friend of mine bought 800 cans of soup and 300 pounds of rice in preparation for this Y2K fiasco! My question is this - if there's no electricity, how will he cook his soup and his rice?"
"I have heard a lot of people worrying about hospitals being ready for Y2K. My hospital's computer system that keeps patient records was already basically compliant, because they have patients that were born in the 1800's. I wish more people would visit your site it could give them a dose of common sense in a media filled with lunacy."
"I've been warning people all year that Y2K is the biggest hoax of the century. NO! I take that back. Since it involves every country in the word, this is the biggest hoax to be perpetrated in the history of mankind."
"Saturday morning, the 1st of January 2000, Gary North is woken by his alarm clock."




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